Our philosophy

Economical advantages following from our conception

From the segment conception, where the longest part is 6 m long, there follows the advantage against the competitive solutions in decreasing of transport, and especially of installation costs. The installation of the own conveyor single segments, which are in maximum rate mounted in the manufacturer facility, is very simple and easy. On the building site, there are brought single segments equipped with the carrying rollers and with the other accessory, and from these segments with screw connections and through flanges the whole conveyor in required length is mounted. By this way, the installation welds are eliminated, which require high qualification of workers and therefore are expensive for performance in the field. Concurrently, this conception allows simple consequent adjustment of the conveyor length, according to the actual need. The change of the upper caps lengths at single segments allows a very simple creation of concave conveyor.

The important saving of mounting costs represents the possibility of setting of already stuck transport belt on the mounted frame of the conveyor. By this way, the sticking of the belt (cold, or by thermal vulcanization) in the field is eliminated, and this activity can be performed in the shop conditions for significantly lower costs.

The big advantage of our conveyors, made of self-supporting truss structure, is the ability to carry on itself the suspended foot bridges, and by this way, the saving of carrying bridges, which practically make the price of competitive solutions double.

The optimalization of the truss structure by static calculations assures the economic utilization of design materials. This optimalization together with the conception of the truss structure implicate, that our conveyors are, despite of their big stiffness and robustness, relatively light in comparison with the classic conception of the carrying transport bridge and mounted transport stations. By this way, the requirements for carrying capacity of supports and base concrete plates are lower, which as final effect brings the next financial savings on the side of the investor.

Our customers, most of all, value the flexible and variable system, which is able to conform with their requirements.